You know it's just people ain't know nothing about the south. My names Nate McCurry go on call the police they'll tell u themselves they ain't touchin us Hahahaha by ur-so-meth0d

Right my URL is my name… money talks bullshit walks

Smoke with me one day fam🙌 by lunalanina

hopefully we can work something out 😽💨

sorry to bother you but i've made a couple of remixes and instrumentals and i would really appreciate it if you could please take some time to listen to them!! they're on my page or you can go to my soundcloud. by effebeats

I’ll check it out tomorrow


by winston_murdoch
You'll sell me some by Anonymous

ok anon

Ahaha these Fuck boys trippin on you buwop. "You white" Hahahaha they don't know they plugs plugs is all us white boys. Welcome to Atlanta, pussies. Money ain't white or black here it's green hahaha forget the fuckin haters stuck on solids and mid by ur-so-meth0d

forreal welcome to Georgia.. everyone around here knows ‘crackers’ and ‘peckerwoods’ are totally different things, I don’t swing on someone in the joint for taking some crackers lunch, I ain’t built like a cracker. Peckerwood incorporated fam. In the DOC and dope game down south white rolls deeper than red or blue ever will, period and are tighter with the migos. these kids still posted at the texaco on bouldercrest living in the trap selling dime bags. preciate the input nasty